On the step


Reasons to go seaplane flying

1) Once you decide to go there’s no stopping. Prime. Untie the lines. Push off the dock, climb into the cockpit and then start the engine. If the engine doesn’t start – sail!
2) No brakes. Just drag. Makes run-up interesting.
3) No rotation. Just accelerate, push the stick forward, really get that racing boat feeling going and accelerate, until take-off seems to happen by itself.
4) Kick-ass high performance take-offs for confined spaces (don’t try this in a land plane): line up opposite in the direction you want to take off, accelerate to 30mph (there’s that racing boat feeling again), turn a screaming corner and go for it.
4) No runway, no problem. Just don’t scare the boats/kayakers/swimmers/whatever wildlife you’re sharing the lake with.
5) Have an item: “pull up water rudder” in the pre-takeoff checklist.
6) Fly really low and slow – it’s quite ok.
7) Land and enjoy the view…on the middle of a lake! Go fishing! Store fish in the compartments of your floats.
8) Genuine auto-landing function (aka glassy water landing): establish a 200ft/min descent and just wait until you hit the water.
9) Land and let the waves gently rock your plane.
10) No windsock…just waves and a breeze in the trees.
11) Land and take off…and circle like an eagle…and land again…however you please…get a taste of bush flying made easy.

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